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Students at New Directions Secondary School also use these sites to make connections, annotate text, and to collect and curate digital work.
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All teachers assign, assess, and return work in Google Classroom so that students can move ahead whenever and wherever they are online. Missions and Investigations are always available for students to work through, step-by-step. Learn more by taking a look at these four resources: (1) Curriculum Guide, (2) Scope and Sequence, (3) Maps and Unit Plans, (4) "Assessment and Curriculum Design."

Open Badges for Twelve Competencies

Students present portfolios at panels four times each year, then they apply for Open Badges, one for each of our twelve learning competencies. We use six English/Social Studies competencies and six Mathematics/Science competencies to organize the curriculum, assess student work, and to promote or graduate students. Each competency is made up of sub-competencies that map to grade-level Common Core Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • La policía lo agarraron al monstruo November 12, 2014
    Una noche William estaba con Willy en el Bronx. Un monstruo ataco a Willy Y William porque estaban en el parke por noche. Willy Y William estaban en un parque bebiendo. Escucharon a un ruido de monstro. Fueron a ver que fue ese ruido. El monstro saco la cabeza de William y órganos. Willy fue […]
  • I am better than I think! November 12, 2014
    I'm a student at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx. I’m Moses Ortiz and I am 15 years old in 7th grade. I got left back in school in grade first, fourth, and sixth. I love to play basketball and my favorite team in the NBA is the New York Knicks. I also like […]
  • BBoy, not robber November 10, 2014
    Hello my name is Dashawn. I’m 15 years old I’m an the 7th grade my school is called New Directions. My favorite subject is math anything with math in it I like it. I never use to go to school but I started going because I’m trying to change my life around. When I’m and […]
  • I got shot in the butt with a paintball gun! November 10, 2014
    It was Saturday morning, and my dad was waking me up so we could go paint my mother’s house. We got on the highway and I told my dad that I was going to sleep. When I woke up, we were at my brother’s house. I was thinking, "I’m at my brother’s house to do […]
  • Dreams November 10, 2014
    Hello I’m a student A NEW Directions Secondary School in the bronx which is a middle school/high school. My name Is Vontay Farmer and two of the things I love to do the most is to act and to explore life. Me acting is a part of dreaming of my goals, my future, etc but […]
  • Karate Kid November 10, 2014
    I was getting bullied at school, and coming home, crying to my mom. She asked me, “What's wrong?” I said, "I'm tired of them doing this to me." My stepdad told me, "I have something for you, but you’ll get it tomorrow. It’s something awesome.” I was excited and I told him it was okay. […]
  • Path to my dreams! November 8, 2014
    A couple weeks ago my brother was sent to the hospital, turns out he had pneumonia, acute chest which made him have a low count of oxygen. From the look of his face at home, I knew there was something wrong. read more
  • Historia de terror November 7, 2014
    Todo comenzó en un pueblo lejano en una casa de una chica y su familia y la niña se llama Elisa. Ella estaba jugando con sus muñecas y vio la ventana. Ella le pidió a sus padres que la dejaran salir por un minuto pero sus padres le dijeron que la madre dijo: “no puedes […]
  • Snow By Julia Alvarez November 7, 2014
    I thought it was interesting, talking about this story named “Snow” because the Russian missile was underground, and Yolanda and Sister Zoe were afraid. Also it's interesting because I never heard of it either. "Snow" by Julia Alvarez might leave a reader feeling sad because they heard that there was a Russian Missile underground. I […]
  • Mi amiga caracola November 7, 2014
    Mi amiga caracola. Es una caracola que hace el sueño de oscar. Oscar tenia un sueño que quería realizar.Tenia el sueño de viajar y ver el mundo.Oscar vio una caracola en la boca de lotus su perro pero oscar oyó una voz que venía de la caracola diciendo ayudeme. Oscar le quitó la caracola de […]
  • Dead Cat November 7, 2014
    One day I saw a dead cat in the street next to my house. I thought the cat was sleeping, it was dead and I saw flies going all over it. The cat’s forehead was all bloody because it was fighting another cat and the other cat killed him, then a car ran over it. […]
  • repuesta de cuento 1 los cuervos de la senora Murphy November 7, 2014
    El cuento de “Los cuervos de la Senora Murphy” por Janice Boland me gusta por el protagonista.El protagonista de este cuento es la señora Murphy. La senora Murphy protagonista es muy amable con los cuervos. El conflicto de este cuento fue que los cuervos tenían hambre y querían comer pan.Un ejemplo de esto esta en […]
  • Elevator! November 7, 2014
    My huge, huge family was going to a 15-year-old's birthday party. We were all invited, and my cousin and his family were going too. When we got there, I was very surprised. When we got to his house, we were too early. The party didn't start until 7:30 pm. We waited until the party started […]
  • Evermore Party November 7, 2014
    cuento_de_terror.mp3 A woman named Dorcas lived in Evermore, a place where the most people have died on Halloween. Dorcas was one of the killers. One day Esther and James went to a Halloween party in Evermore, and Dorcas said to herself that she was going to kill people for payback. "On a day like this, […]
  • Bang November 7, 2014
    In Paul Salopek dispatch, "Bang" from National Geographic (, the author is showing us how people in Palestine live, and how the Palestinians, especially the children are so used to the gunfire and the war. When Salopek is in a "a small Palestinian village called Nabi Salih," he describes how the violence breaks out: read […]