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Students at New Directions Secondary School also use these sites to make connections, annotate text, and to collect and curate digital work.
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Any Time, Any Place, Any Pace

All teachers assign, assess, and return work in Google Classroom so that students can move ahead whenever and wherever they are online. Missions and Investigations are always available for students to work through, step-by-step. Learn more by taking a look at these four resources: (1) Curriculum Guide, (2) Scope and Sequence, (3) Maps and Unit Plans, (4) "Assessment and Curriculum Design."

Open Badges for Twelve Competencies

Students present portfolios at panels four times each year, then they apply for Open Badges, one for each of our twelve learning competencies. We use six English/Social Studies competencies and six Mathematics/Science competencies to organize the curriculum, assess student work, and to promote or graduate students. Each competency is made up of sub-competencies that map to grade-level Common Core Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Confused June 13, 2015
    'The 48th Precinct area can be described as economically depressed insofar as many of the residents are in the middle to lower income strata with a multifarious ethnic make-up. At the same time it can be considered vital, where new businesses are moving in. Also, many abandoned buildings have been or are in the process […]
  • The Way I Feel May 19, 2015
    Now I'm leaving, deceiving, looking at people thinking I'm beasting, cheating, completing slap that brother till he's bleeding. Now I'm running from the cop. I pop a shoot, going back to swinging a mop. I be making money nonstop brother have that shotty in my walking like a stick figure I get girls watch this. […]
  • Bored April 1, 2015
    It has two x's on the eyes and has a tongue out. It has green and red hair, because It's bored.
  • Born A Monster, Incapable of ever Changing March 27, 2015
    My heart is impure like the ocean in its entirety.. Born a demon but hated by society.. Not one to brag or speak very much.. Cowards make a fuss and go grab that clutch.. I should have killed them when I had the chance.. Death from above like love at first glance.. read more
  • Mercy Is For The Weak March 27, 2015
    Forgiveness is for the weak. If I choose to I will hurt you. I gave mercy to nobody, I spared no one. Yet my life is still unsteady. Evil runs through my veins like water down a stream. The end result is the same even if I'm not mean. What you don't perceive is sometimes […]
  • What does it feel like to be misunderstood? January 23, 2015
    Sometimes when I feel like I’m being misunderstood I feel like people judges me because they don’t understand my point or don’t understand what I feel or don’t have the same mind as me and also judge without knowing everything you been through. If misunderstood would’ve been a color i would’ve pick red. because red […]
  • Close Reading "No Boyz Allowed" January 14, 2015
    The book I’m reading “No Boyz Allowed” is a good book most teenagers should read. I feel this way because this book is about a 16 year old who goes through many different family and living issues that she doesn’t like. Reading this book is like your walking in somebody else’s shoes seeing the way […]
  • Cuentos de misterio January 9, 2015
    Una vez que yo fui con mi prima al cementerio estaba muy oscuro y me daba mucho miedo. Cuando estábamos caminando había un muerto que estaba vivo sentado en la tumba mirando con su ojos muy oscuro. Mi prima le daba mucho miedo porque el muerto estaba afuera de su tumba en el cementerio. Mi […]
  • La metida de pata de la policia en Nueva York en Twitter January 8, 2015
    Lei un articulo titulado “la metida de pata de la policía de Nueva york twitter.’’ LA idea central del artículo es que la policía quería fotos sonriente con los ciudadanos y le subieron foto de gente esposada. Mi opinion del artículo es que No me gusto. Porque los policía mandaron fotos de gente esposado. Una […]
  • A time when I fought January 8, 2015
    There was a girl who I'll call "Kristen." She was starting with me but I usually was ignoring her.There was one day I got tired and I confronted her. She said that she wanted to fight me so I was like alright, and we tried to fight a lot of times in one day. Her […]
  • Pueden algun dia desaparecer los examenes? December 16, 2014
    Recientemente leí un artículo titulado “Puede algun dia desaparecer los exámenes?”Los exámenes son la pesadilla de muchos estudiantes. La idea central del artículo es que algún día desaparecen los exámenes. Mi reaccion al articulo fue bueno. Por un lado que den los programas de computadora pero hay un lado de las historia que no me […]
  • Can you remember the day you felt misunderstood? December 12, 2014
    Can you remember the day that you felt misunderstood? Well I do. The day I felt misunderstood was when my mom told me that I broke her phone when I really didn't, And I was so mad because I didn't do it and I got punished. she took my phone until she could get herself […]
  • New Plays from Drama Class December 10, 2014
    External video:  Our class is working on short plays. Some of the plays are a response to the drama work that we worked on for the past few weeks. And some are original ideas. In the meantime, here are the names of the projects and actors who helped to develop the plays: Video of Hercules […]
  • Un dia mi Tia iba para Santo Domingo December 9, 2014
    Un dia mi Tia iba para Santo Domingo. Luego ella iba para la tienda a comprar una maleta. Entonces cuando ella fue alla estaba cerrada. Luego ella dijo donde yo voy a llevar esa ropa. Entonces mi abuela tenía una maleta pero era bien grande y estaba en el closet hace mucho tiempo, entonces estaba […]
  • When my mother was missing something in her room December 8, 2014
    Once there was a day my mother got home & she was looking for something but I didn’t know what was it was. It was her earrings & she started to say it was me that took it like I wear that, and I told her “wait mother you can’t say it was me. You […]