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Students at New Directions Secondary School also use these sites to make connections, annotate text, and to collect and curate digital work.
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All teachers assign, assess, and return work in Google Classroom so that students can move ahead whenever and wherever they are online. Missions and Investigations are always available for students to work through, step-by-step. Learn more by taking a look at these four resources: (1) Curriculum Guide, (2) Scope and Sequence, (3) Maps and Unit Plans, (4) "Assessment and Curriculum Design."

Open Badges for Twelve Competencies

Students present portfolios at panels four times each year, then they apply for Open Badges, one for each of our twelve learning competencies. We use six English/Social Studies competencies and six Mathematics/Science competencies to organize the curriculum, assess student work, and to promote or graduate students. Each competency is made up of sub-competencies that map to grade-level Common Core Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Braly Street, 1957 October 8, 2015
    Now that I've made a map about "Being Mean" by Gary Soto, I am noticing that industrial Fresno was very busy because there many factories around Gary's house. read more
  • Bad Boy Gary October 8, 2015
    Now that I've made a map about Living Up The Street by Gary Soto I am noticing that I had a lot of fun places ,that are across where they live at but I think these places are working places because they had to get up every morning to do work and chores. The issues […]
  • People are being mean October 7, 2015
    Now that I have made a map about living up the street by Gary Soto ,I am noticing that Gary Soto has a sister and a brother. They live in Bradly street in Fresno. Also one day the police was looking for his uncle Leonard because the had a fight in a bar. Also his […]
  • Winnie is a good person October 5, 2015
    Winnie Foster has owned property near Treegap for a long time. Mae wanted to go see her sons but she let them go to the Treegap. She shouldn't let them go to that Treegap if she didn't trust them. I know that she is mad because she only could see them every ten years. Sometimes […]
  • Fried Oreos September 30, 2015
      I picked fried oreos because it taste good and I love it.   Ingredients 1.Oil 2.Pancake mix 3.Powdered sugar   Steps 1.Put the Oreo in the Pancake batter 2.Put it in the Oil for 15 seconds read more
  • Kehinde Wiley September 24, 2015
    I’m intrigued by a painting by Kehinde Wiley. In the painting I see a black man on a horse and a sword and people on the grass. The man on the horse looks powerful because he looks like he is going to fight by using a horse and a sword. Another thing that makes him […]
  • Day 2: What makes me unique? September 10, 2015
    Day 2: What makes me unique? A photo posted by Paul Allison (@paulrallison) on Sep 10, 2015 at 12:23pm PDT read more
  • Day 1: Seventh and Sixth Graders on Day 1 September 9, 2015
    Day 1: First day! A photo posted by Paul Allison (@paulrallison) on Sep 9, 2015 at 8:13am PDT read more
  • Better than everybody in the fifth grade July 6, 2015
    I'm a student at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx. What makes me unique is that don't care what people say about me. Also when I do something I do it for a reason because I want it to happen. What I like to do in school is I sometimes like to fool around. […]
  • My Nick and My Real Name July 6, 2015
    My name is Raleek. I hate my name, because people make it sound like a British name. I tell everybody to call me Rah or Rahh Rahh. I tell them, "Don't call me Raleek because people make it sound British and I'm not British!" When I was five years-old, I told my mom and my […]
  • Scary stories July 2, 2015
    Long ago, there was this kid named Charley. He was a normal kid like the others. He liked to play with his friends all time. One day, he came late to his house and his father Alex who was always on the couch drunk got up and got in a fight with Charley. He then […]
  • Drowning July 2, 2015
    A broken heart can be fixed, but let me drown in my own pain and tears, let me mend my wounds from lost battles before, bleeding from an empty space where my heart once belonged. Dark rooms filled with dark faces, grey shadows all around holding me down to torment, let me fall into a […]
  • The rainbow factory July 2, 2015
    Now a rainbow's tale isn't quite as nice As the story we knew of sugar and spice But a rainbow's easy once you get to know it With the help of the magic of the Pegasus Device Let's delve deeper into rainbow philosophy Far beyond that of Cloudsdale mythology It's easy to misjudge that floating […]
  • Confused June 13, 2015
    'The 48th Precinct area can be described as economically depressed insofar as many of the residents are in the middle to lower income strata with a multifarious ethnic make-up. At the same time it can be considered vital, where new businesses are moving in. Also, many abandoned buildings have been or are in the process […]
  • The Way I Feel May 19, 2015
    Now I'm leaving, deceiving, looking at people thinking I'm beasting, cheating, completing slap that brother till he's bleeding. Now I'm running from the cop. I pop a shoot, going back to swinging a mop. I be making money nonstop brother have that shotty in my walking like a stick figure I get girls watch this. […]