Topic outline

  • What Are My Interests? Where Might They Take Me?

    In this unit you will be asking:

    • Who am I? What's important to me?
    • What's something that I'm interested in?
    • Where can my interests take me?

    The Learning Competencies you'll be practicing in this course are:

    • Citing Evidence in Conversations
    • Independent Reading
    • Text-dependent Research
    • Formulating Arguments in Areas of Interest
    • Creating Narratives and Poems
    • Self-Directed Learning
  • Unit 1 - What's something I'm interested in?

    Click on the Unit Title above, and begin to explore something you are interested in. We want you to become a social media power user. You will learn the English skills you need by commenting on other youths’ posts, responding to literary and informational texts, doing long-term research projects, composing, revising, and publishing with text and media, and becoming a self-directed learner.

    Click this link and save a copy of this Template in your Docs, and use that document to keep track of your progress in this unit.  Complete the six Learning Competencies in the left column of the grid by submitting the tasks listed to the right of each. The same competencies and tasks are listed below. Under each of the tasks listed below, there will be a place for you to submit links to your work on Docs or on Youth Voices to be assessed here on

    Some of the tasks require earlier levels to be completed first, but they do not have to be done in order. You should start all level one tasks before moving to any level two tasks.

    What's something I'm interested In? Where might this take me? Launched September 2013

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