A New Kind of School 

Through small class sizes and a mastery-based learning model, New Directions Secondary School (NDSS) reconnects students to the power of education.

Each class is outfitted with a counselor, who works with students to develop personal strategies for success. Social work and emotional support services aid in students' development. And our strong focus on technology, arts, and athletics is coupled with an emphasis on college-core readiness that help students thrive.

We’re not your ordinary school. Instead, we’re a personalized, practical, and effective approach to learning. Are we the new direction you or someone you know may need? See how to attend– we’d love to talk with you.

Our Four Agreements

Success at NDSS is rooted in the daily decisions students make. We encourage each of them to begin their journeys by agreeing to Our Four Agreements. With these principles as a foundation, students can access the unique, personal success that they are capable of achieving here.

1. Be Here

Every day at NDSS is a fresh start. We encourage our students to recognize how their daily choices impact their goals and dreams. Their future success hinges on what they choose to do today.

2. Be Connected 

Through our mastery-based learning model, we reconnect students to the power of education. Our small classes sizes allow them to connect directly with teachers and staff, creating a personalized, practical and proven school environment that enables them to thrive.

3. Be Real

We are a safe space for students to be their best, most authentic selves. Our robust music, arts, and writing programs allow each student’s unique gifts to flourish. And our onsite counselors help them unpack hindrances that may be in the way.

4. Be Great

There are many ways to be great at NDSS, and we encourage students to explore them all. Our services include in school paid internships to a select number of students, design-based development through Publicolor, , and much more. We are invested in our students’ success from start to finish, and offer a variety of paths to help them reach their fullest potential.