Dedicated education professionals with fine-tuned skills in music, art, and writing give our students pathways to self expression. The curriculum and activities within the programs they craft complement each students' unique interests and life experiences. What is then built over time are evocative, one-of-a-kind works that showcase the vast diversity of our student body.

Explore our key programs below:

Each week, Ouroboros, the NDSS writing community, meet in connection over the shared love of the literary arts. A student-led group, members create space to critique each other's work, share new pieces, and craft the Ouroboros print magazine.

In our art classes, you may find superheroes soaring across notebook pages, flying past bubble letters and blended colors. Or you could stumble across handmade election posters, with keen interpretations of today’s political climate by our young observers. We equip our students with art techniques that bring visions to life– the rest is up to their imaginations.

NDSS Music 

For centuries, voices and instruments have articulated the hopes, dreams, and troubles of many. At NDSS, we invite our students to continue this tradition through our music program. From the fundamentals of music theory to digital recording, students are introduced to a wide range of skills and concepts to help them craft audio masterworks of their own.