Ouroboros is the NDSS writing community and literary magazine, run by a dedicated team of student writers, artists, and editors.

Our weekly meetings bring together students who share a talent and passion for writing and an interest in helping each other grow as artists. We discuss and critique each other’s work in a workshop form, generate new writing, review other students’ submissions, and handle layout, design, and copyediting of the magazine.

Why Ouroboros?

Our editors feel that the symbol of the snake eating itself represents the writing process—false starts and revision, destroying what you’ve created to begin again. This symbol also represents the disorder and chaos of our daily lives and the constant renewal we must go through in order to survive.  

Why Publish a Magazine?

Young people do not always have the recourse to fight to improve society, let alone their lives. Creating art—whether writing, drawing, music, dance, etc.—is one way the young are able to fight. By expressing their voices, they refuse to accept the narratives society has written for them and are instead making their own.

New Directions follows four agreements: be here, be connected, be real, and be great. The writing in Ouroboros is full of presence and connection, between the writers, their teachers, their student editors, and you, the reader.

What else?

We’ve got a weird name but good work. We get work done. We’re intelligent as hell.

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